Fort Thomas businessman says he awoke to two burglars inside his home

'Crime doesn't pay in Fort Thomas'

FORT THOMAS, Ky. -- Two juveniles have been arrested after breaking into a Northern Kentucky businessman's home on Tuesday morning.

David Hosea, owner of Hosea Project Movers, told WCPO's Kendall Herold that he awoke early on Tuesday and "literally" bumped into two burglars inside his Fort Thomas home on Walker Drive.

"I got up at about 20 minutes 'til 4 a.m., took three steps out of my bedroom and I ran into two masked men with bulk cutters and what appeared to be a gun. The one man had his hand in his pocket," said Hosea. “I just jumped back and I said what are you guys doing here and the guy took his uh had a pair of boat cutters and swung at me and I caught it with my hand”

Hosea said he was going to call police but the two men threatened to kill him if he did so. He then called to his wife, Marsha, to alert authorities.
After fleeing from the scene on Walker Drive, they headed towards St. Catherine's Church but were later apprehended by officials.

Police say they have arrested two male juveniles, charged with first-degree robbery and receiving stolen property. 

Sgt. Casey Kilgore of the Fort Thomas Police Department said they found two juveniles walking down the street that matched the description given by Hosea.

"Come to find out, through our investigation, these were the right two people. They are both juveniles and they were the two suspects that were in the house on Walker Road," Kilgore said.

Police also discovered a stolen green pickup truck parked at the bottom of a hill. Police say the two juveniles stole the truck from Covington and crashed it before they burglarized Hosea's home.

"We're not exactly sure why they wrecked, we do know that they drove through someone else's front yard and did a little bit of damage to their grass. So we're thinking that they were off the road joy riding, and there's a big hill that they went down, we think that's how they actually wrecked the truck," reported Kilgore.

Hosea commented on Tuesday's intrusion saying, "There's always things going on, but the Fort Thomas police are always on top of it. And really, crime doesn't pay in Fort Thomas, because they always catch them."
The issue of burglaries around the area was discussed in Monday's City Council meeting, according to Fort Thomas Matters . Reports indicated that burglaries are decreasing. 
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