Drug House Odyssey walk-through presentation displays effects of drug and alcohol abuse

A Northern Kentucky community is hoping an intense new event will bring more awareness to the growing issue of drug abuse across the Tri-State.

Drug House Odyssey is a walk-through presentation displaying the effects of drug and alcohol abuse.

Think: A haunted house. But this scary situation features real life nightmares starring your child, parent, sibling or friend. It starts with teenagers taking their first sip of alcohol to a baseball star buying drugs. Drug House Odyssey ends with a graphic life or death situation.

Nicholson Christian Church members and staff have been working on Drug House Odyssey for almost a year. The growing heroin problem across the Tri-State is the driving force behind the event.

"It's crucial that people know that it is real. You don't always see first hand the effects of addiction and different issues that we're going to be talking about," said Nate Sallee, Nicholson Christian Church Youth Minister.

The church consulted local police, first-responders, schools and community members to make Drug House Odyssey as real as possible.

"We've seen town hall meetings well attended and the issue getting a lot of awareness, so we wanted to speak the language of the community and really meet that need," said Sallee.

After walking through Drug House Odyssey, local drug abuse and counseling agencies will be on hand.

"We want to have the prevention side of things for those of the younger generation, and then for those who have already gone down that road, we want to give them the message of hope," said Sallee.

Drug House Odyssey runs October 23 through October 26 from 6:30 p.m. until 9 p.m. at Nicholson Christian Church in Independence, located on 1970 Walton-Nicholson Pike.

It's free to the community. Due to some intense and graphic scenes, children under the age of 10 are not permitted.

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