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Deputies attendance rises at Maysville school after Sandy Hook tragedy

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MAYSVILLE, Ky. - Deputies patrol the Mason County Schools campus to help ease fears and concerns of students, parents, and staff. Sheriff Boggs says its in direct response to the Newtown, Conn. shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

High school junior Rachel Showers is an honors student, softball player, and captain of the academic team. She is on campus more than she is at home.

"There are times when something that happened in Newtown and it kind of scares me for a little while," said Showers.

Classmate Alivia Bierley is similar. She is on the varsity girls basketball team and said she often is home for nine to 10 hours a day. The rest of the time she is at school or other school functions.

"You know stuff like that happens, but there's more of a likely hood of wrecking [your car] or anything else," said Bierley.

Boggs and each of his 11 deputies have committed to being on campus at least four hours per week. The sheriff has approved the overtime until the end of the school year. His goal is to get a school resource officer on campus.

"I want the parents to know that the kids are our priority," Boggs said. "Their safety is number one."

Bierley said that she does not feel any more or less safe with the law enforcement presence in the school. However, she says that a school resource officer would be better.

"Someone that we could get used to, and could just trust that always was in the school building," said Bierley.

Sheriff Boggs said that he attempted to get a school resource officer at the district in the past, however, money was the deterrent for both the sheriff's office and the school district.

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