Boone County Bohemian Rhapsody: Students to create snow day videos for NKY contest

FLORENCE, Ky. -- The Northern Kentucky Educational Council encourages students to put their creativity to the test on snow days by entering a video contest.

Principal James Detwiler of Stephens Elementary in Boone County has alerted parents of quite a few snow days in the last couple months, and decided to add a remix his alert. Literally.

WATCH: For principal James Detwiler, it's all about "Bohemian Rhapsody."

The video went viral, picked up over 1,112,000 views on You Tube, and caught the eyes People Magazine .

When ice hammered down on the Tri-State region Tuesday night, Detwiler posted another video when school closings were announced, to let parents and kids know classes were once again canceled the next day.

"Well, school is canceled today," Detwiler said in the video. "I'm going to turn this whole thing around to the most important people - the students."

He introduced a Talent Video Contest, which invites students to submit videos that show how their video talent boosts college and career readiness. Finalists could earn recognition at the annual Excellence in Education Celebration, which is scheduled for March 27, 2014 at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center.

The singing principal hopes all students will use their time outside of class to show their skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity by entering the contest. The deadline is Feb. 7.

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