Brianna Wood's recovery

Accident victim experiences a setback

PENDLETON COUNTY, Ky. - Brianna Wood couldn't wait to feel the fresh air and sunlight on her face. Life's simplest pleasures became new again, ever since her car accident on August 6, 2011. 

When you look at the picture of what's left of her Oldsmobile Alero, you understand that Brianna's life was miraculously spared. She had to be cut out of her vehicle by the jaws of life. But now, three weeks later, she's talking albeit with her jaw wired shut and dreaming.

"I've got so much food on my mind. Spaghetti and breadsticks. And pizza. And cereal. Chipotle. Frisch's. And it goes on and on. That's all I think about 50 percent of the day. Just food that I wanna eat," Brianna said while sitting outside Drake Center in Hartwell, Ohio with her mother, grandmother and family friends. 

Brianna's not angry at the person who veered into her lane on US-27 in Pendleton County, causing severe head trauma and multiple facial fractures. All she can think about is returning to Eastern Kentucky University in January where she will be a sophomore...and food.

It will be several more weeks before Brianna's jaw is free to chew on her favorite foods. She says, "I just can't wait to eat. I just wanna eat food instead of drinking drinks."

Brianna's mother Nancy Wood credits all of the cards from friends and family, a special journal, text messages and Facebook posts for Brianna's quick recovery.

Nancy says, "It's been amazing. I'm very thankful that we've crossed a lot of paths, received a lot of prayers and notes and well-wishes and comfort from everybody. That energy and the prayers and the thoughts that have come to her have definitely got us to where we are right now."

When Nancy returns to work full-time at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet promoting safety and educating people about distracted driving, it's a job she'll do with an entirely new perspective.

"It was a bit ironic. Several of my different co-workers even said, wow - it happenned," Nancy said. "I always had that gut feeling of I hope I never have to experience that. But in a way, it's been a good experience because she's

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