4-time stroke survivor sets pace to D.C.

AURORA, Ind. - Getting out and taking his first steps every morning before thesun awakens enables Mycle Brandy to keep moving.

The 59-year-old broke his ankle in the mid-’90s whileworking a construction job. When he fell, his head hit the ground,"My brain actually slammed against my skull and started tobleed."

The injury resulted in him having four strokes. During recovery,Brandy started researching the cause of strokes. He learned thatstroke victims typically have a sedentary lifestyle.

On Feb. 14, the Newport Beach, Calif., man took a hike towardsthe Nation’s Capital. Along his journey he hopes to spreadthe word about staying active in order to keep healthy, "You needto do something other than sitting in front of the TV all thetime."

Lori Fovel is with the Cincinnati Chapter of the American HeartAssociation, "That's one of our main messages that we try to getout at the American Heart Association: to keep moving, keepwalking," said Fovel. "It's a great way to lower cholesterol, loweryour risk for heart disease and stroke."

Along Brandy's journey, he often stops at local hospitals tovisit with stroke patients to let them know they can recover. Hewill visit Drake Center at 10am on Friday.
According to a news release: stroke experts at Drake Center,if you have any of the following warning signs for stroke, call 911immediately: The best way to treat a stroke is for people to learnwhat to recognize using FAST:

F – facial numbness or weakness, especially on one side
A – arm numbness or weakness, especially on one side
S – slurred speech or difficulty speaking
T – time to call 911

As for Brandy, he wants everyone to start walking, "You're notexpected to walk across America," he explained. "What everyoneneeds to do is they need to walk across their piece ofAmerica."

You can follow Brandy along his walk on Facebook and read moreabout his experience with stroke at his website.

When Brandy gets to Washington D.C. he will have walked nearly3,000 miles.

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