Detector dogs trained to sniff out Asian Longhorned beetles to help save trees

USDA came to Clermont County to train dogs

BETHEL, Ohio - A dog's nose is an amazing thing. It can find cadavers, detect illness and sniff out bedbugs. Now, it can help save trees.
Asian Longhorn Beetle detector dogs sniff out beetle droppings around trees. They help locate the presence of the beetles early enough to prevent the trees from dying. Thousands of trees are at risk in Clermont County. That's why Monica Errico, a training specialist from the U. S. Department of Agriculture, came to Bethel, Ohio for a month to train dogs to work here.

"We procure the dogs because they are food motivated and they have to have an aptitude to be able to hunt effectively," said Errico. "The have to be very good around people."

The hope for this program is that the dogs will help the climbers and surveyors figure out which trees have the beetles quicker. The data is still being collected to determine the dogs detectors' effectiveness.

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