Ohio lawmakers consider legalizing gun silencers for hunting

Some Ohio lawmakers could be just days away from advancing a local politician’s proposal to allow hunters to use silencers on their guns.

Members of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee are expected to decide Tuesday if Ohio House Bill 234 will leave committee for a full vote on the house floor.

State Representatives John Becker (R-Union Township) and Cheryl Grossman (R-Grove City) introduced the bill in July after they were approached by hunters who claim to have hearing damage caused by their non-suppressed firearms.

“This bill only has to do with the hearing loss to hunters,” said Becker.

Bill opponents worry that hunters won’t be able to hear each other in the woods if they use a suppressor on their gun. They also worry that farmers won’t be warned if a poacher is on their land, and that silencers could be used by criminals to sneak around. 

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