'Who's this guy?' Underdog Hamilton County Commission candidate offers some answers

CINCINNATI - Democratic candidate Sean Feeney knows well the hurdles that stand between him and a victory against Hamilton County Commissioner Chris Monzel.

Eight months into his campaign, Feeney’s raised less than $1,000 from donors, compared to Monzel’s campaign coffers of more than $187,000.

Feeney’s experience holding an elected office includes, well, none.

And the 27-year-old’s political savvy and networks lag that of the better-known Democrats – a fact his party reminded him of last week when he was asked to step aside for a more popular cohort.

But Feeney’s shortcomings as a candidate and fundraiser, he says, are no different than they were months ago when the North College Hill engineer won the May Democratic primary with 65 percent of the vote over Paul Komarek.

“Eight months ago, we were looking around and asking who was going to step up against Monzel,” said Feeney. “No one came forward, so I did.”

 In the last week, though, Feeney's believes something has changed about his bid. More people are taking notice.

The underdog candidate thinks his struggling campaign is landing an unexpected boost following Monzel’s controversial icon tax vote and the Dems' attempt to coerce him to step down a week ago.

“People have started to take notice of the issues at stake in this race, and they’re asking – who is this Feeney guy,” said the husband and father of two. “I’ve had calls from some very powerful people, and I have a number of meetings coming up that I see as great potential.”

WCPO Insiders can read why Feeney is sticking it out, despite Democrat Party Chairman Tim Burke asking him to step aside. Insiders can read read the list of names floated to replace Feeney. 

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