Roxanne Qualls blasts proposed charter amendment on city pension plan

CINCINNATI - A proposed charter amendment is drawing the ire of city retirees and mayoral candidate Roxanne Qualls.

Earlier in August, a group of workers, retirees and their allies protested against the plan outside a City Council meeting. The group claimed the amendment would cost taxpayers too much and negatively impact city workers who retire.

On Monday, Qualls issued a statement blasting the amendment.

According to a copy of the amendment forwarded by Qualls’ staffers, the amendment claims the city’s current retirement model is unsustainable and must be changed.

The amendment would require that: future benefits for city employees reflect the “actual amount saved by each and contributed for each by the city,” current retires cost of living adjustments be tied to the actual rise of cost of living, the city benefits plan be audited annually and funds must be made available to pay for future projected benefits and “this amendment must be enforced to the maximum extent possible.”

“Under the guise of ‘reform,’ a well-financed out-of-state group is pushing an amendment that spells economic disaster for the future city retirees and the city’s budget,” Qualls said. “Current and future retirees need an income they can live on. This amendment is a budget-buster for retirees and the city.”

According to a news release from Qualls, a report from the city’s pension system director states the amendment would increase financial stress to the city and doesn’t take into account that city employees do not participate in Social Security.

The council approved a resolution opposing the amendment during its meeting last week.

The amendment has qualified for the Nov. 5 ballot.

To read the proposed amendment in its entirety, please use the viewer below:

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