Meet the Mayor: Douglas Sammons leads North Bend, the village that boasts two US presidents

NORTH BEND, Oh. - How well do you know the top man or woman in your community? Each Wednesday "Meet the Mayor" introduces you to the people charged with keeping Tri-State municipalities ticking.

Mayor Douglas M. Sammons, Village of North Bend

  • Date of Birth: 10/13/63
  • Elected: November, 2011 (Started four-year term on January 1, 2012)
  • County: Hamilton
  • Population: Less than 1,000
  • Founded: 1789 (Celebrating 225-year anniversary in 2014)

Claim to fame: Only one of two places (the other is Quincy, Mass.) in the US that were hometowns for two American presidents: William Henry Harrison’s (9th president) and birthplace of Benjamin Harrison (23rd president) MORE

Mayor Sammons spent 21 years at Fifth Third Bank as a commercial banker serving various departments as a relationship manager and correspondent banker.

Over the past 12 years, he has been a varsity basketball official serving in the Greater Cincinnati Basketball Officials Association (GCBOA) . His current full-time job is serving as a business development executive at Vantiv (formerly a wholly owned subsidiary of Fifth Third Bank).

Sammons started his political career in 2007 when he was appointed to the village council in North Bend . He served as the chair of the Planning and Zoning Committee. In 2011, he decided to run for mayor and was elected by one vote (election went to a mandatory re-count).

Sammons is a registered Republican and sees himself more as a Reagan conservative. He grew up in
Finneytown and attended St. Vivian Catholic School. He actually finished high school at St. Xavier High School and graduated from Xavier University. His salary as mayor of North Bend is $6,600.

Q&A with Mayor Sammons

1. What is the single biggest issue facing North Bend?

There are many issues facing small villages, but maintaining the basic services (maintenance, security and financial stability) are the most challenging.

2. If someone were to visit North Bend for the first time, what should they see and do?

Come visit William Henry Harrison’s tomb. We have people from all around the world who visit his tomb. We also celebrate his birthday every February 9, where the President of the United States sends a general to give a speech and lay a wreath.

3. What is your proudest accomplishment as mayor?

The establishment of the Beautification Committee. We have been able do many good things with this committee that have beautified the village.

4. What do you hope is different about your town in ten years?

That it becomes more of a destination for people who do not live in the village currently and also brings in more
businesses that can benefit from this very historic village.

5. What are your political aspirations?

I really enjoy being the mayor of North Bend and at some point may be interested in serving my community in Congress.

6. I bet you didn’t know….

...That I am one of 12 children. The president's tomb of William Henry Harrison is in North Bend. His grandson Benjamin, also a president, was born in North Bend.

More about North Bend:

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