Community members call for councilman Smitherman to be removed from law and public safety committee

'Glad I've captured attention of the community'

Several community members called on Mayor John Cranley Wednesday to remove Councilman Chris Smitherman as the chairman of council's law and public safety committee following comments he made about blacks and crime.

During the April 14 committee meeting, Smitherman said "black people must take ownership" of their behavior in light of the fact that the majority of this year's homicide victims were black men.

T. Rucker, a man who spoke for a group at Wednesday's full council meeting, said Smitherman should be held accountable for his words.

"We're not asking you to take him off of everything, to kick him off of council. We know you can't do that," Rucker said to Mayor John Cranley. "But, you are responsible for his appointment which makes you responsible for his behavior."

Insiders can read Smitherman's response.

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