Who voted Cranley in?

CINCINNATI -- Results are in, and unofficially, voters have chosen John Cranley over Roxanne Qualls as the next mayor of Cincinnati.

But the ballot totals don’t tell the whole story.

Did Qualls, a strong advocate for women, fare better among voters in areas with higher female voting-age population? Did Cranley, who campaigned against raising taxes to finance a city streetcar project, resonate with voters in areas where more people take the bus to work?

The map below combines election results and U.S. Census data to show how the mayor’s race was won, based on characteristics of the voting-age population in each precinct.

Click on any shaded precinct area to see the number of registered voters, turnout percentage, and total votes for each candidate. Use the filters to see how many precincts each candidate won, based on key demographic differences.

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