School levy results around the Tri-State from Election Day 2013

School levies were voted on around Ohio, from those who have tried for years to get one passed like Lakota, to those that are in dire need like Oak Hills. A full rundown of levy results is below.

Butler County

Fairfield School and Bond levy

The 2.62 mill bond issue for Fairfield City Schools was rejected by voters Tuesday. The count was close, with a slim 59 votes being against the the tax.

In Fairfield, the levy was broken into two parts. The first portion of 2.12 mills was proposed to pay the local share of a co-funded building project with the Ohio School Facilities Commission to build three schools. If the levy would have passed, $61.3 million of the total $80.3 million project costs would have been paid by taxpayers.

To provide maintenance of the new structures, the state required an additional 0.5-mill permanent improvement levy be included.

Middletown City Schools levy

A $55 million bond issue for Middletown City Schools was approved in Tuesday’s election.

Of the total count, there were 2,976 votes to pass the levy.

It was divided up into two parts, including a 3.95-mill bond issue and a 0.26-mill permanent improvement levy.

Now that the vote has been decided, the first $3.95 mills will pay the local share of a project involving the Ohio School Facilities to build a new middle school and renovate a high school in the district.

The project is said to cost about $95 million, leaving taxpayers responsible for $55 million – more than half the total.


Hamilton County

Deer Park School District

A proposed continuing levy for Deer Park Community School District regarding ongoing permanent improvements has passed. 61.50 percent voted for the levy, 38.50 percent voted against the levy.

The 7.9 mill. continuing levy, which dedicates 6.9 mills for current operating expenses and 1.0 mill for general, ongoing permanent improvements.

The levy will generate about $1.8 million annually.

The owner of a $100,000 home would pay an additional $276.50 in taxes a year.

It will launch in 2013, first due in calendar year 2014.

Warren County

Franklin City School District

Voters rejected a proposed 7.92 mill continuing levy, which would have generated almost $3.1 million for the Franklin City School District’s general operating fund.

There were 2,410 votes against the levy and 1,739 for it.

If the levy passed, the owner of a $100,000 home would have had to pay $277 a year in taxes.

Clinton-Massie Local School District

Voters have rejected a one percent earned income tax operating levy for five years for the Clinton-Massie Local School District.  

The levy would have generated $1.8 million for the district’s general operating fund.

There were 614 votes against the levy (64.63 percent) and 336 for it (35.37 percent).

Lebanon City Schools

Voters Tuesday approved a $27.4 million bond issue for Lebanon City Schools.

There were almost 4,000 votes for the levy, accounting for 54 percent of the vote.

Broken into two parts, the $24.7 million proposal would be divided into a 1.87-mill bond issue and a 0.5-mill permanent improvement levy.

The first 1.87 mills will go towards a $72.5 million building project, co-funded with the Ohio School Facilities Commission. Of the $72.5 million total cost, the state will pick up $45.1 million while taxpayers would be left with the remaining $27.4 million.

Under state requirements, an additional 0.5-mill permanent levy would be included to provide maintenance to the new facilities.

An owner of a $100,000 home will see an additional $65.45 in taxes each year.


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