Dennis Janson: Last Triple Crown winning jockey, who lives in Walton, Ky., is a prince of a man

Steve Cauthen 'gentle, serene man'

CINCINNATI -- This time last week, a large segment of America was eagerly awaiting the June 7 Belmont Stakes race to see if California Chrome, the American Thoroughbred bred in California, could make thoroughbred horse racing history and win the coveted Triple Crown.

While it is good for the sport that was so good to him, a Triple Crown contender posed a unique dilemma for Steve Cauthen. The last jockey to ride into the record books 36 years ago on the back of Affirmed, Cauthen has to view a horse that wins the Kentucky Derby and Preakness with a certain amount of trepidation as the third jewel loomed. 

On the plus side it meant heightened awareness of and interest in the Sport of Kings. Conversely it meant open season on Cauthen as he presided over his equine domain in Walton, Ky. Reporters from around the world descend, seeking wisdom from the now 53-year-old sage, who stunned the racing industry at the age of 18. 
  Cauthen wears the mantle and responsibility to inform the uninformed with the grace of a champion. He is one of the most genuine, serene people I’ve met over my career. He’s not a world famous Triple Crown jockey, he is Tex and Myra’s boy who happened to have a way with horses. And people.

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