Dennis Janson: This year held so much promise for the Reds; a sad look back at 2014

CINCINNATI -- It wasn’t supposed to go down like this. The Reds were going to be world beaters this year. 

New manager Brian Price was the missing link in what promised to be an uninterrupted chain of success for the local nine. That lofty expectation was based largely on the assumption that Joey Votto would return to his MVP form or something akin to it. That Brandon Phillips would have another All-Star/Gold Glove season and Jay Bruce would replicate his 2012 success. 

The team’s three highest paid players would prove they were worthy of their millions.

Not even close.

WCPO Insiders can read why Dennis Janson says the 2014 Reds don't have to wait until Sept. 28 to be done. 

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