Dennis Janson, the movie critic, says: Go see 'Draft Day'

Warning: I haven't always called them correctly

CINCINNATI -- Just over two weeks out from the NFL draft, it might be instructive, if not entertaining, for pro football fans of all interest levels to head not to ESPN but the local theater multiplex to take in draft day.
 First, some back story. I was 22 years old, ironically 23 hours short of my bachelor's degree at the University of Cincinnati and working swing shifts in every imaginable role at a competing TV station and its related radio affiliates. That's when a new hotshot young news director entered the scene, determined to shake up the local news firmament, which at the time revolved around Al Schottelkotte and WCPO-TV. Joe C. Harris, Jr. was 26 years old, a veteran of Al Primo's legendary Eyewitness News franchise factory in New York City. As he parceled out jobs to existing personnel I wasn't deemed suitable for any of the traditional slots: reporter, producer, photographer, production assistant.
 "I have something special for you," he proclaimed in a closed door meeting when I pressed my case for inclusion in this new newsroom world order.

"And that would be what?" I insouciantly asked.

"Entertainment editor. You're a local guy. You'll report on music, new clubs and such and also do reviews of concerts, plays and movies."

WCPO Insiders can read about DJ's role as the A&E editor and why —just maybe —he landed in sports instead.


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