Dennis Janson: Clyde Gray a mainstay of professionalism, poise and one heck of an editor

Never saw WCPO anchor 'phone it in'

CINCINNATI -- Having grappled with the same dilemma just a year ago, I feel somewhat qualified to comment on my longtime colleague Clyde Gray’s recent career decision to retire.

In the event you missed it, Clyde, a mainstay of the 9 On Your Side news team for the past 23 years announced his decision to walk off the set for the last time on Aug. 29.

During our 22 years together, I never once saw Clyde phone it in. He always gave it his best no matter what the circumstances, whatever the story, whatever he was dealing with in his personal life that particular day.
  Over the years I often suggested to Clyde and others who cared to listen, that in my estimation, Mr. Gray was a major market talent. That his appeal would be just as broad in the media capitals of America —New York, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco, as in Cincinnati. 

Clyde always demurred but the others I mentioned my hypothesis to, agreed wholeheartedly. He has never been flustered, baffled or bewildered despite the vagaries of fate, timing and technical hobgoblins that bedevil electronic media.

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