Dennis Janson: Clooney-Alamuddin match looks to be made in heaven, not central casting

CINCINNATI -- After an earlier misfire, he’d vowed to never again marry. Apparently never is drawing nigh for George Clooney. Various news reports have him very much in love and now engaged to Amal Alamuddin, the 36-year-old lawyer,  born in Beirut, Lebanon and educated in London.

Friends couldn’t be more delighted for Clooney, now 52, as he prepares to fill what some see as his only unfulfilled role; successful husband.

It might have happened years ago were it not for the vagaries of Hollywood. Clooney was in the embryonic phase of his career when he met actress Kelly Preston in the late 1980’s. He’d been banging around the TV and film industry for several years and was just getting a toe hold when love knocked him for a loop. Clooney was admittedly a minor constellation in the Hollywood galaxy though, so when John Travolta took an interest in Ms. Preston, I’m told that Clooney was relegated to a supporting role in her life.

Preston became Mrs. John Travolta and George was cast adrift. Friends say with a decidedly broken heart. 

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Enter Talia Balsam, daughter of veteran character actor Martin Balsam. Those close to Clooney say he was on the rebound when Ms. Balsam  became the first Mrs. George Clooney in 1989. They divorced in 1993. And with that Clooney seemed to focus on his career, with love interests relegated to the back section of his life, if front page of the tabloids. He vowed to never marry again. Which many of his pre-acting associates, myself included, saw as a darned shame.

We always featured Clooney as the kind of guy who would be a wonderful husband, ala his dad, Nick.

And to see how he dotes on his niece and nephew, how could he not be a great dad? All of that it seems, is now back in play —with a multilingual attorney, who specializes in international law and human rights. 

Seems like a match made in heaven, not central casting. 

And that's my 2 cents.

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