MONK: Banks developer is just like a Bengals quarterback

CINCINNATI - He was a can’t-miss prospect, this kid from Atlanta. Best player on the board, great measurables, we all agreed.

So we gave Carter Dawson the dream deal he desired. After a stellar rookie season, he changed his name to just Carter. Kind of like Deion, Tiger, LeBron. Is that where the luster started to fade? Because it’s going on seven years now since we signed that blockbuster contract and I’m starting to pine for Carter’s earlier glory.















Is it wrong to treat a development company like a draft pick?

After Carson Palmer signed his six-year, $118 million contract extension with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2005, we noticed every errant throw and measured his attitude with almost weekly diagnostics.

Why shouldn’t it be the same for the company formerly known as Carter Dawson? After all, it’s a $2 billion riverfront that taxpayers mostly funded. That means more of our money is at stake with the preferred developer of the Banks project than it was when Mike Brown delivered that six-figure treasure to our once-beloved quarterback.

So, I offer you a pair of scouting reports on Carter’s performance at the Banks. The first comes from Carter itself, in the form of detailed responses to the questions I sent them while researching this column.

WCPO Insiders can read my  summation and it ends like this: Carter is just like every Bengals quarterback since Boomer Esiason, mostly competent but hardly inspirational.



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