DJ's 2 Cents: What happens after March Madness?

Basketball fans come out of the woodwork in March. They may not know a jump shot from a jump start but they know they want to be part of it. To a point.

For the next four weeks, players will be lionized by millions. Not for who they are but what they represent; a stake in the excitement.

But when their eligibility is exhausted, or worse, left behind for professional dreams -- what then?

As long as they are useful, in this case for entertainment value, selling computers or Chevys, these kids are embraced.

When it is over, though, how many would be welcomed as warmly to the work place, the neighborhood or front room to watch TV rather than be on it?

Numbers are crucial come tournament time -- points per game, offensive rebounds, assist averages.

But don't hold your breath waiting for grade point averages or graduation rates. Not only would they interfere with your enjoyment of the game, they might be downright embarrassing, if not shameful.

I'm Dennis Janson and that's my 2 cents worth.

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