Denny Janson: Sweeping cuts to U.S. military reeks of politics and short-sightedness

We don't deserve the military pros we have

CINCINNATI -- Our so called leaders in Washington should hang their heads in shame.

I realize it is just a movie but having seen “Lone Survivor” a second time, I’m all the more convinced that we don’t deserve the military professionals we have. It astounds me to think that men and women, who have other options, volunteer to do our dirty work worldwide. They should be treasured, not discarded in some cost cutting move which reeks of politics.

Doing his bosses bidding, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has announced sweeping cuts that will pare America’s uniformed fighting force to a level not seen since before World War II. Downsize if you must but devote that money to making whole those who came back in pieces.

In short, cut fat, not the muscle. 

Is there waste in the military? Of course there is. It boggles the mind to see square miles of mothballed aircraft at Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona. Thousands of combat aircraft and helicopters, waiting to be turned into Dr. Pepper cans. Yet we need another air platform?

Still it pales compared to trillions of dollars frittered away on social programs. We can’t find anything to cut there? Balderdash.

And that's my 2 cents.

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To hear about the hoops veterans must negotiate to get medical, educational or other forms of aid, the kind we lavish on the nation’s ne’er-do- wells, is infuriating. Likewise the thought of countless veterans dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, suffered in engagements while hobbled by politically correct rules of engagement. 

Somewhere in the labyrinth of the Pentagon and the military industrial complex reside pencil pushers who slow walked requests for up armored Humvees during the early years of the Iraq campaign. Our soldiers were getting their brains scrambled because some suit wouldn’t pull the trigger on a purchase order for sheet metal to reinforce the thin skins of our GI’s prime mode of transportation.

These cuts are an agenda on the President’s bucket list. No less than retired Air Force Lt. General Thomas G. McInerney said of the proposed cuts that they are “continuing on its path of unilateral disarmament that was started by Defense Secretary Robert Gates in April 2009.”

The President can’t seem to nail down any other legislation, citing an intransigent Republican controlled Congress. (The fact that he and Speaker of the House John Boehner’s face to face meeting Tuesday was their first in 14 months is appalling!) This is low hanging fruit to his base so why not pick it?

Mark my words, the day will come, and fearfully within my lifetime, when the United States military will find itself woefully undermanned for some national catastrophe.  

The same gutless wonders who now back the Chief Executive in gelding our warriors, will be back en masse supporting conscription to populate the ranks. And trust me, the caliber of inductee will be found to be woefully lacking. People who have to do something rather than want to, will never measure up to the noblemen and women who now populate our military.

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