Twerking and GIFs and 'NSYNC: VMA jaw-droppers and a Facebook dupe make the digital week

CINCINNATI - If you've been off the grid this week, here's what you missed: "twerking" at the VMAs, an 'NSYNC reunion that had 90's fangirls in tears, and a documentary video that melted the hearts of people nationwide. Let's dive in!

What the GIF? Facebook users got excited on August 29 when the rumor mill started buzzing about animated GIFs making their move to Facebook. After all, when words fail, GIFs speak.

But we were duped, Facebook friends! For that’s not the case. As Facebook told Mashable Thursday, it “does not support animated GIFs.”

VM-OMG!  If you haven’t heard yet, the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) aired August 25. They were nothing short of jaw-dropping, eye-popping and innocence-ruining, thanks to the likes of former Disney darling Miley Cyrus and the Queen of…something, Lady GaGa. So many things to discuss, so here we go:

Miley Cyrus “twerked,” which is a new form of dancing that makes school administrators beg for “grinding” to come back. Anyway, she “twerked” on Robin Thicke, made some suggested movements with a foam finger, wore lingerie and stuck her tongue out a lot… I don’t get it. And neither did the rest of America, which is why everyone was Tweeting about it .

Justin Timberlake brought some class back to the show with his performance: a medley of all of his chart-topping hits. And then, magic happened. Days of rumors, prayers and finger-crossing came down to this: 'NSYNC reunited on stage to perform a quick snippet.

  • In case you missed it and really have to see what everyone’s talking about, you can watch every crazy VMA performance here .

An addition to the Oxford Dictionary.  It’s the end of the English language as we know it, and I’m not so sure I feel fine. “Twerk” and “selfie” were just added to the dictionary , pretty much ensuring the two things I really dislike will not be going anyway anytime soon. Sigh.

A sweet tribute. Because I cannot stand to type Miley’s name one more time (that was the last, I swear), let’s switch gears and talk about a story that tugged at everyone’s heartstrings this week: the short video documentary that depicted a 96-year-old man’s love song for his late wife .

Viral pic of the week. I saw this today and got excited, since I love the Jack Black comedy "School of Rock" (who doesn't love the "you're tacky, and I hate you" line?!). A few of the cast members just reunited ten years after the movie premiered. You have to check this out!

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