Sweet...fifteen! Google's big birthday tops the digital week in review

CINCINNATI - This week's digital week in review is pretty varied -- from a search engine facelift, to another's birthday, to a historic swim -- let's dive in and see what topics were making waves on the digital front this week.

Yahoo!’s new ‘do -  Yahoo! rolled out a new logo Thursday morning and it was met with, well, blasé response from Tri-Staters. WCPO Digital Community Manager Libby took to Facebook to get your friends and neighbors’ responses to the change, and many admitted that they either didn’t notice or don’t use Yahoo!. Regardless, the new logo is here to stay, at least for now; if you want to check it out, plus see more Tri-State feedback, check out Libby’s story .

Happy Birthday, Google! – In just one year, Google can get its driver’s license. Yippee! The world’s most popular search engine celebrated its 15th birthday Wednesday , and we have to say, it’s aging nicely! The big event was marked with everyone wondering how the heck we managed to live before the phrase “just Google it” opened us up to a plethora of information at our fingertips.

Who’s laboring on Labor Day? – Many Americans observe Labor Day and celebrate a day off from work. But there are a handful of us (myself included) who started our weekday grind at the usual time on Monday, plugging through yet another five-day workweek. We are the office champions, the resolved number crunchers, the go-getters who shake our heads at our coworkers who fired up the barbecues at noon Monday (seriously, who does that?!). We are, in short, the laborers on Labor Day. And we got to chat with all of you who were also on the grind, turning our social media conversation into a fun story that highlighted other industries who were up and at it, bright and early on Labor Day. Check it out !

Age ain’t nothing but a number – American swimmer Diana Nyad completed her 53-hour journey across the treacherous Florida Strait on Monday, becoming the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without the help of a shark cage. And she did it at age 64. This is was Nyad’s fifth attempt to brave the 110-mile swim, and her successful completion was met with social media cheers and congratulations for the inspiring athlete. 

Viral pic of the week – this disturbed me, only because I know my parents took similar photos of my brother and I in the early 90s. We all have those embarrassing and awkward childhood photos that we wish would just disappear. But recreate them as adults? You’ve got to be kidding me. For those of you who wondered just how awkward those photos really were…we have your answer .

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