Philly faux pas, a Bengals fan gets surprise of a lifetime, and Kanye meets Jimmy: The digital week

CINCINNATI - What was everyone talking about this week? We’ve got the lowdown in our “digital week in review.” From Gravity pulling in a far-out audience, to a social media "oops" by a Philly newscaster, let’s dive in and see what was making waves this week!

A faux pas in Philly. Philadelphia newscaster Joyce Evans found herself in hot water this week after tying “Breaking Bad” to a shooting that left six people injured. Insert “SMH” comment here.

The Twitter faux pa s spawned an influx of what the Twitterverse dubbed #JoyceEvansTweets and featured user-submitted gems like:

  • “Enjoyed Gravity? Wait 'til you hear the gravity of the situation in Syria! Tune in at 11! #JoyceEvansTweets” and
  • “A fan of "The Hunger Games"? Tonight @ 10 we talk to families effected by extreme food shortages. #JoyceEvansTweets.”

It’s a hard rule to learn, but the safe bet is to err on the side of caution and sensitivity, even when trying to be clever on social platforms

Gravity dominates the box office. George Clooney and Sandra Bullock’s new film opened in theaters on Oct. 4 and immediately took this planet by storm . What moviegoers described as visually astonishing and a great story was also welcomed by critics, who helped the flick score a 96/100 rating on Metacritic. The film also pulled in $55.6 million at the box office and set a new 3D record: 70 percent of moviegoers saw the film in 3D.

What your friends think about Insta-ads. Last week, Facebook announced that ads would be making their way onto your Instagram feed. Emotions from Instagram users ranged from fury to joy to “Why us?!?” so Mashable decided to quantify those ranges.

  • Check out their poll and cast your vote if you have a particular feeling about the new Insta-development!

Twitter chatter and ratings. There was a giant leap for Twitter this week as Nielsen (you may have heard of the organization that collects TV information and releases ratings) launched a Twitter-driven TV ratings system . What did we learn? Bottom line, our Twitter friends love to tweet about TV.

Miley Cyrus couldn’t stop on SNL. In anticipation of the Oct. 8 release of her “Bangerz” album, Miley Cyrus hosted and performed on Saturday Night Live on Oct. 5, and it’s all people could talk about: From a government shutdown spoof of “We Can’t Stop,” to her stripped down performance of the first single, and her ability to poke fun of herself and her risqué VMA performance. BuzzFeed assembled a list of the 17 most important things that happened during her SNL appearance.

A Bengals fan's surprise goes viral. I've been fortunate to have received tickets to quite a few professional sports events in my life. But imagine if you were a 40+ year fan of a team and just never got the chance to see them play in real life. A Connecticut son gave his father, a lifelong Bengals fan, the surprise of a lifetime when he presented pop with tickets for the Bengals/Jets game on Oct. 27. The moving video went viral and captured the hearts of sports fans everywhere.

A Twitter feud turned meeting IRL. Late-night talk show host and Matt Damon's BFF, Jimmy Kimmel, has been embroiled in a Twitter feud with rapper, fashion designer, mogul, father, Kim Kardashian's main squeeze, creative genius (seriously, what else has he called himself?) Kanye West for over a month now. Deciding to settle their differences like real men of Hollywood, West agreed to appear on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Oct. 9. And it was awesome

West once again referred to himself as a "creative genius," and the world got to see a snippet of West tweets sung by Josh Groban as part of a Kimmel skit. My personal favorite: The "I love me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" tweet West sent.  Because I've always wanted to tweet something like that.

Kanye wore pants so destroyed that I can only imagine he just barely got the better of a lawn mower. Oh, and he sort of bemoaned the fact that Kim Kardashian doesn't have a star on the Walk of Fame. (If she gets one, I want one, too). In the end, Kimmel thanked Kanye for appearing on his show and Kanye thanked Jimmy for allowing him the platform.

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