An Apple a day: Apple fever takes over the digital week in review

CINCINNATI - They lined up. They waited for days, even weeks. They skipped school and work. Yes, an Apple a day keeps the tech-lovers very happy indeed.

This week was all about Apple, from the launch of iOS 7 on Sept. 18 to a few Tri-Staters who couldn’t possibly be more anxious for the release of the new products. Let's explore how the digital world reacted.

Apple fever in the Big Apple – Tri-Staters Jon Murphy and Justin Lockhart have been camped out on Fifth Avenue in NYC since Sept. 6, waiting for the iPhone 5S and 5C to come out on Sept. 20.  Community Manager Libby chatted with the pair on Sept. 16 to find out what brought them to the Big Apple to camp (hint: their jobs).

Here’s the interesting part – Apple didn’t publicly announce the new products, as well as the new iOS 7, until Sept. 10 – a full FOUR days after the Cincinnatians arrived in NYC. While rumors of the new products were hitting the blogosphere and Internet, there was absolutely no way of knowing exactly WHAT Murphy and Lockhart were waiting for. That’s dedication.

All aboard iOS 7 – Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 7, was released to consumers on Sept. 18. First thoughts from users? Time to start clearing out some apps – many didn’t have the required 3.1 GB to upgrade. Personally, I deleted six apps from my iPhone, only to see my available space go from 1.4 GB to 1.9GB. I had to temporarily remove some music to complete the upgrade.

Overall, it seems like Apple consumers are excited about the new OS. I’ve seen tweets from many users who are excited for the iTunes Radio, an alternative to Pandora and Spotify right on their phones. Users have also been raving about the new design – “bouncy,” they call it, but not that hard to get used to.

The biggest downside? Slow download times. Users spent anywhere from 30 minutes to 13-plus hours trying to upgrade their phones, and the running joke across social media was something along the lines of, “Just started downloading iOS 7, see y’all this weekend.”

What was your first impression of the new OS?

Apple takes over Twitter, too! – What do Apple fans love more than their Apple products? Talking about their Apple products on social media. More than 7 million tweets about iOS 7 were sent in the 24 hours before and after the Sept. 18 launch, according to Mashable .

To put it into perspective – the amount of iOS 7 tweets rivaled that of "royal baby" tweets when the Duchess of Cambridge went into labor.

WCPO stops by the Children’s Hospital Charitable Care Fund Golf Outing – let's switch gears and focus on some non-Apple news. WCPO Community Managers Jenny and Libby swung by the Losantiville Country Club on Sept. 20 to check out the Charitable Care Fund’s golf outing. Visit our Facebook album to see some of the day's activities and special guests!

Viral video of the week – I’m a sucker for babies and puppies. This video would melt the heart of even the coldest ice creature. I have been watching it on repeat – I dare you to be productive for the rest of the day knowing this video exists.

Let's chat about your experience with iOS 7 thus far - I'm curious to hear what you think of it (p.s. I've upgraded and am happy with the new OS, but sadly, did not get those apps back. Oh well...) Connect with me on Twitter @jennyfromthebak and sound off!

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