Norwood budget impasse could delay worker paychecks

NORWOOD, Ohio - Norwood is headed for a second week without an approved budget for 2011 and city workers now expect their Friday paychecks to be delayed because of it.

"They're understanding," said Mayor Tom Williams of the city's employees.

"They don't like it but they're understanding.  I think collectively we have [city leadership] failed to get the job done."

Wednesday night's emergency session of city council lasted roughly ten minutes.

No sooner had the meeting started when it was adjourned and members left the council chambers to return Thursday evening.

The sticking point on the budget remains the contracts for police and fire.

Firefighters and police unions in Norwood, who have already offered contract concessions worth $500,000, also want a contract extension for two more years.

But some Norwood City Council members say they can't agree to that because tax revenues are already down in Norwood by 14 percent from last year. They say the union concessions aren't deep enough and don't want to agree to longer contracts with the current economy.

Norwood Mayor Thomas Williams says city workers have agreed to remain on the job even with delayed paychecks.

Williams is telling council members they have to find some way to work out an agreement.

"This won't be easy. I understand that. But you simply can't get everything you want. You have to give a little to get a little. Don't worry about next year until we get there. Let's get an agreement now for this year because that's the most important part.

The front door of Norwood City Hall on Montgomery Road has already had an updated schedule posted for emergency council meetings. They are now set to run every night between Wednesday and next Tuesday.

Norwood City Council may also meet on Saturday and Sunday if necessary.


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