New Brent Spence Bridge causing issues for city leaders

COVINGTON, Ky. - The design of the new Brent Spence Bridge could dramatically affect Covington and surrounding communities.               

The current Fifth and 12th street exits into Covington would be gone if the new bridge is built as planned.

Drivers who want to exit into Covington would have to make that decision at Ezzard Charles Drive in Cincinnati, which is two miles before Covington.

Once drivers cross the Ohio River, the next exit wouldn't be until Kyles Lane in Fort Wright, fives miles from downtown Covington.

The loss of two exits into Covington is concerning for city leaders.

"Right now according to plan E or I, you would have to make up your mind back at Ezzard Charles, and we feel that might be difficult for a lot of folks, particularly those who are passing through," said Covington City Commissioner Steve Frank.

An informational meeting was held at Covington City Hall Wednesday night to discuss the issue.

City officials hope that by educating the public on the issues they have with the plan, more voices will be heard at two meetings being held by state officials later this month.

"It would be very damaging to the businesses and the people that live here, and could also be damaging to other great infrastructure that people aren't able to take advantage of," said Marc Hult, concerned resident.

The decision on how the new bridge is laid out will also have an impact on Covington's neighboring communities.

"Instead of moving toward the other side where there are no homes, they're coming toward Park Hills, and talk about pollution, and dirt and noise, I don't think that's a good idea," said Vivian Kappas, who lives in Park Hills.

State officials will hold public meetings April 24 in Cincinnati, and April 25 at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

A final decision on a plan will be made after those public meetings.

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