Which is best: Breastfeeding or bottle feeding?

The debate between the best way to feed a newborn baby is far from over, but a report published Thursday shed light on a new variable.

Asthma, a study showed, was found more in children of breastfeeding rather than bottle feeding. 

According to The Free Press Journal , the study compared siblings who were fed with both methods. It found that  "breastfeeding might be no more beneficial than bottle-feeding for 10 of 11 long-term health and well-being outcomes in children age 4 to 14."

Families of various races and socioeconomic statuses were included in the study, and the results showed were in sync with others - breastfeeding is more beneficial than bottle feeding. However, the lead researcher told The Free Press Journal that the reasoning is unclear.

“Many previous studies suffer from selection bias. They either do not or cannot statistically control for factors such as race, age, family income, mother’s employment ... things we know that can affect both breastfeeding and health outcomes,” Cynthia Colen, assistant professor of sociology at The Ohio State University and lead author of the study, said.

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