Thieves use aluminum foil in attempt to steal gasoline

MACOMB TOWNSHIP, MI - Macomb County Sheriff's deputies arrested two men for allegedly trying to steal hundreds of gallons of gas using aluminum foil.

A worker at the Mobil gas station located at Hall Road and Heydenreich told 7 Action News, "We heard a few thumps on the roof".

The noise was someone walking on the roof, trying to use aluminum foil to block the gas station's satellite system that transmits credit card information.

The scam lets someone pump gas using a stolen credit card that normally would not be processed.

Workers called 911 and deputies arrested Javion Morris, 23, and Anthony Leak, 33. Both men are from Detroit.

Investigators believe the men were going to resell the fuel to family and friends.

The investigation is continuing and could lead to more arrests.

What the suspects may not have known is that a number of gas station companies now have the technology to detect the fraud and immediately shutdown the credit card system.

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