Gas station owners charging $10 a gallon in protest

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ (CNN) - If you thought $4 a gallon for gas was bad, how about $10?

The owners of nearly 50 Lukoil gas stations across New Jersey are angry over something called "zone pricing." That's when a refinery sells fuel at different prices to gas stations, depending on location and customers.

But drivers are doing a double-take when they see the posted price of gas at the stations almost $10 a gallon.

Franchisees wanted to get attention and say they are fighting back against their parent company.

"We're protesting the pricing Lukoil has been giving us for a number of years, which is very high compared to what the average street price is," said Lukoil retailer Khalid Zackria.

In response, Lukoil North America calls "zone pricing" a "reasonable practice." The company says its been used by gasoline marketers for many years.

The practice is still legal in New Jersey, but the state legislature is considering legislation that would ban it.

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