New concept van could be ultimate road trip vehicle

Nimbus e-Car sports 180 horsepower, mini-fridge

BRAZIL - Some road warriors may still be in mourning over the discontinuation of the Volkswagen Bus but a Brazilian artist has designed what may become the ultimate road trip vehicle.

The Nimbus Concept e-Car, designed by Eduardo Galvani, currently has no production plans but the concept will have any traveller planning a cross-country trek.

It is described as a vehicle made for “short dislocations in urban streets and distant trips in long roads,” by Galvani’s website.

When you first see the Nimbus, it’s nearly impossible to not think of the iconic Volkswagen Bus. However, this one is pure fantasy once you look at the spec sheet.

Featuring an electrical engine that will pack 180 horsepower and powered by a lithium-ion battery, Galvani proposes the Nimbus will be able to get 181 miles per gallon. Compare that to the Volkswagen’s 20 miles per gallon,  50-horsepower engine in the 1960s.

The concept van will also have four selectable driving modes, including four-wheel drive and an energy saver mode. Galvani’s website claims the Nimbus will have room for five passengers, having six airbags onboard.



What makes the Nimbus an ideal futuristic road-tripper are its creature comforts. Panoramic windows and an elevated seating position makes it easy to take in the scenery. Inside the van’s cabin will be a mini refrigerator, six cup holders, wi-fi connectivity and four USB ports.

Galvani’s concept claims to have a removable 7-inch touchscreen device that will allow passengers to control the van’s sound system, interior lights, air conditioning and media browser.

The final Volkswagen Buses rolled off the production line in Brazil last year, possibly inspiring Galvani to continue the classic vehicle’s legacy. The German automaker has expressed interest in reintroducing the van later this decade, possibly under the name Microbus.

Until then, travellers can dream of taking the Nimbus across America on Route 66.

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