Happy holidays to job seekers this year: Reports indicate more hires are expected

CINCINNATI -- The holiday season has certainly crept up on us this year, from Kmart's Christmas ad airing in the summer, to Toys-R-Us releasing their hottest X-mas toy lists -- and now holiday job seekers are getting an early present. 

Snagajob's sixth-annual survey, conducted by IPSOS Public Affairs, predicted that the holiday employment forecast is looking quite merry. The latest survey anticipates more seasonal jobs this year than last. Among those hired, 52 percent expect to begin hiring by the end of September, up 4 percent from the previous year.

Walmart, the world's largest retailer, said that it will bring on 55,000 seasonal workers to help with this year's Christmas rush. A 10 percent increase from the 2012 season, the 4,033 locations across the U.S. will have about 13 more workers per store, CNN reports.

The latest Manpower Group  Employment Outlook Survey reports improved year-end hiring plans in the U.S., leaving employers optimistic about job prospects. The survey also indicated high confidence for the final quarter of 2013, as employers report a seasonal net employment outlook, the strongest since 2007.

While some companies such as Walmart and Macy's plan to increase the amount of seasonal workers hired this year, other major retailers will be decreasing the amount of temporary workers hired, claiming they wish to become more effective in their hiring practices.

According to CNN Money, Target plans on decreasing the amount hired by about 18,000 people compared to last year. Target said it planned to offer more holiday hours to full-time staff members, and increase in-house work. Of the 88,000 workers hired by Target in 2012, 34,000 of them were offered year-round roles. 

With the calendar looking a bit different than the previous year, some stores are preparing for a heavy amount of shoppers. Almost a full week less between Black Friday and Christmas this year than last, there are only four full weekends as opposed to five. Stores are anticipating busier weekends due to the loss of time. 

Other major retailers such as Kohl's plans to hire about the same amount as last year, with 40 more people per store. Macy's plans on increasing but no number was provided, and Sears to decrease seasonal work hires. 

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