Gunman dressed as clown kills former Mexican drug lord

LOS CABOS, Mexico -- Francisco Rafael Felix, once-feared member of the Arellano Felix drug clan, was shot to death by a man wearing a clown costume.

Felix, 63, the eldest of his clan of brothers, was killed at the Baja beach resort in Los Cabos, Mexico on Saturday. He was shot by a gunman wearing a clown costume, wig and red nose, according to the Associated Press.

Felix was shot twice before he succumbed to his injuries. The killer's motive and choice of costume are under investigation. There has been no word on whether they have a suspect in custody. 

Its been reported that the Arellano Felix brothers once dominated the drug trafficking trade between Mexico and California, and to the city of Tijuana in the 1990s.The brothers, also known as the Tijuana Cartel, were known for their violent and brutal control of the drug trade, transporting cocaine, marijuana and heroin. 

Felix was already in prison when the cartel rose to power. He was arrested in 1993 in connection with the murder of Roman Catholic Cardinal Juan Jesus Posadas Ocampo and served a 10-year sentence on a weapon's charge, AP reports.


"He was never really part of the leadership of the big organization, mostly because he was in jail (in Mexico). He was arrested before they became what they really became," said John Kirby, a former federal prosecutor in San Diego who co-wrote a 2003 indictment against the Arellano Felix cartel leadership.


Arellano Felix was extradited to the U.S. in 2006 to face California charges stemming from a 1980 case in which he allegedly sold cocaine to an undercover police officer in the United States.

He was sentenced by a U.S. judge to six years in prison on drug charges but was granted parole, released and deported back to Mexico in 2008.

Aside from this 1993 arrest, his track record includes distributing 205 grams of cocaine to an undercover agent in 1980 which led to an indictment of conspiracy with the intention of distributing a controlled substance. 

The Tijuana drug cartel is still active, although less powerful in today's world. It's reported that the organization currently extends from Mexico to street-level individuals in the US. 


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