Government shutdown 2013: World War II vets storm barriers to enter memorial

WASHINGTON DC – World War II veterans made one more charge when they pushed aside barricades blocking a memorial dedicated to them Tuesday morning.

The men were part of a Mississippi-based Honor Flight group that scheduled their trip to Washington DC long before the government shutdown that occurred at midnight Oct. 1 when both houses of Congress could not come to a budget agreement.

Barriers were erected around national monuments throughout Washington DC after the midnight deadline. All Federal museums and parks were closed across the country Tuesday as well.

Leo Shane III, a reporter with the Stars and Stripes, was on scene as veterans and others moved barriers and proceeded on to the World War II Memorial’s grounds. Shane also reported that Rep. Steve King distracted a park police officer while vets and staffers entered the site.


“We’re seeking guidance on how to respond,” park police told Shane at the site.

Other congressmen were reportedly at the memorial as well and there was no clear attempt to stop anyone from entering it.

“So, the WWII memorial is open today . . . Park police letting everyone by right now,” Shane tweeted.

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