Documentary: Tri-State killer admits to killing O.J. Simpson's ex-wife

CINCINNATI - A convicted Tri-State killer claims to be responsible for one of the country's most notorious murders, according to a documentary set to air on Discovery.

The Daily Mail reported early Monday morning that serial killer Glen Rogers admitted to killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman—the murders for which O.J. Simpson was accused. The revelations come in a new Discovery documentary set to air this week.

Police captured Rogers in Richmond, Kentucky in 1995 after a nationwide manhunt.

Rogers' brother, Clay, told documentary producers that Rogers confessed to the murders. Allegedly Rogers said that O.J. Simpson hired him to break into Nicole Brown Simpson's home and steal $20,000 diamond earrings and kill her if necessary.

Rogers, who is from Hamilton, was reportedly working in the area at the time of the murders and had allegedly even done some work for Brown-Simpson.

The documentary also says Rogers boasted about partying with Brown-Simpson and provided receipts to show he was in the area. It also calls into question one of the biggest mysteries in the Simpson murder investigation: A second pair of bloody shoe-prints at the murder scene that were never identified.

Rogers is on death row in Florida. He has admitted to dozens of murders and was convicted of killing two women in 1995.

A jury acquitted O.J. Simpson in the Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman murders.

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