2 Injured by inflatable slide that flew 300 feet in the air

Two people were hospitalized when a wind storm sent an inflatable slide airborne, taking it high above trees and slamming it into lamp posts during a Fourth of July celebration.

The incident happened Friday afternoon in Sparks, Nevada. Thankfully, no one was inside at the time.

"I was thinking, 'Oh my God, I hope there are no children in there," Derek Smith told ABC affiliate KOLO-TV .

Officials say a dust devil, or a strong, well-formed whirlwind, lifted the slide 300 feet into the air.

"It went higher than a lot of buildings and then it landed way over there," according to Nicc Thompson who took a photo of the flying amusement ride.

The two people who were hospitalized suffered injuries from flying debris, said fire officials.

It's the third time a bounce house or inflatable slide has reportedly gone airborne in as many months.

The owner of Classic Amusements, the company that operates the slide, said it went through a safety check and had the ride approved by a city inspector, KOLO-TV.

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