Millions leave home for the holiday

HEBRON, Ky. - If you are leaving home for the Thanksgiving weekend, travel experts say to leave early to avoid crowds.

AAA reports that 43.6 million Americans are expected to travel at least 50 miles between Wednesday and Saturday. The average traveler will go 120 miles which is good news because you can take your vacation on less than a tank of gas.

Prices at the pump are climbing for the holiday season with prices in Northern Kentucky hovering around $3.59 per gallon. 

You can find the latest on gas prices in your area by going to .

At CVG Wednesday morning, travelers had very short wait times, if any at all, while checking in for their flights.

Fortunately, there is good weather across most of the country decreasing the chances of weather related delays.

AAA reports, however, that more people are traveling by car this year than by air. Also according to ABC News, Americans are still recovering from the recession indicating they cut back on summer vacations to pay for their holiday travel plans.

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