Michigan man uses hot coffee to battle thieves

DETROIT - Never underestimate the power of a cup of coffee, especially if it's hot. A couple of thieves in Michigan learned that painful lesson when they tried to rob a man outside of a convenience store.

It was a typical Tuesday morning as Tim Blair bought his usual vanilla bean coffee on his way to work.

"If I didn't have that coffee things probably would have went differently."

A coffee stain now marks the cement where Blair was approached by two gunmen on bikes across the street from the convenient store.

"He stopped directly in front of me and he asked me for my money," Blair said. "Now, I wasn't sure if that's what he said at first. I thought maybe he was asking me for directions."

But at 3 a.m. the only thing the suspects wanted was cash.

"He started pulling a gun out. When I saw the gun I just reacted fast on instinct," Blair said.

So he decided to give the robbers a wake-up call they'd never forget.

"The coffee that I had when I left out of 7-11, I threw it at him, like in his face around his upper part of his body to kind of blind him."

Throwing the scalding hot coffee on the mans face seemed to do the trick, but not for long.

"I started running and they started shooting at me, so I checked by back side to see if I was shot," Blair said.

According to police, the suspects didn't get anything, but did get away.

Courtesy of CNN.