Yoga helping kids connect with their body

CINCINNATI - With the holidays upon us and the kids busy with school and their extracurriculars, there's likely a lot of excitement in households with children.

All of this hustling and bustling can have a stressful affect on the kids which is why some Tri-State parents are calming their kids down with yoga.

The young yogis at the Cincinnati Sports Mall take a magical journey during every class.

"They are learning how to focus on their breathing," explained their instructor, Alison Vodnoy Wolf. "First of all we work with the breath and how the breath is connected to regulating energy and balance in the body."

"It's the key to managing your emotions, it is the key to focusing your mind, it's the key to dropping into your body and being really present in your body," added Wolf.

And for some kids, this can help them from feeling anxious.

"Sometimes if I overreact when I'm not supposed to, I sometimes do this (yoga pose) to relax me. It makes me feel relaxed," said Brody, a student in the class.

Studies show that yoga can help children and adults  relieve stress, think positively and be active.

"We are teaching children a really deep connection to their body and also, what the bodies boundaries are.  So how to stretch and stretch toward the edges and the challenge of the body," said Wolf.

Quinn Kaplan, a kindergartner, loves her class and her teacher.

"I like  to do all the poses and downdog," said Kaplan.

Quinn's mom says it is a good change of pace for her daughter.

"She's a little bit more calm after the yoga days.  She really becomes a little more focused on those days too.
Quinn's really spirited and moves around all the time, so it's a good deal for her to come and just focus and have some organic activity that's not sitting in front of the television or using the iPad," said Erin Kaplan.

We found the following places offering Yoga for Kids:

Cincinnati Sports Club


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If there's more, let us know!

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