Woman wants reward for finding Brogan Dulle

'I want something good to come out of it'

CINCINNATI – The woman who found Brogan Dulle's body earlier this week hopes reward money in the case will bring something positive to the region.

Miriam Martinez, who was at the property on 173 East McMillan St. in Mount Auburn where Dulle's body was found, said she has come forward in an attempt to claim up to $20,000 raised in his search.

But that money isn't hers just yet.

The Night Dulle Was Found

After a night out with his friends, police say Dulle made his way to the basement of a building next to his apartment and took his own life.

Eight days later on Monday, May 26, and after countless hours of searching from authorities and members of the community, his body was found in a building next to his apartment .

It was Martinez that finally brought the case to a close: She found Dulle's body at about 9 p.m. in a dark corner of the building’s basement. She was onsite to inspect the property, which is currently being rehabilitated. 

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During the search for Dulle, $20,000 was offered for information that could lead to his location. The reward came from various donors, including Dulle’s family, restaurateur Jeff Ruby and UC President Santa Ono.

When Martinez called 911 the night Dulle's body was found, she said she could barely see through the darkness of the room and thought she was dealing with an intruder.

But what she discovered would ultimately solve the case.

Now she's hoping to qualify for at least $2,500 of the reward money donated to Crime Stoppers by Dulle’s family.

Turning a Negative Into a Positive

“In this unexplainable difficult situation, I want something good to come out of it,” Martinez said. “I want something to be prevented."

Martinez said the money would be donated to a Cincinnati mentoring program at 3500 Lumford Pl. called the Institute of Youth Development and Excellence (IYDE).

According to IYDE’s website, the organization’s mission is to “assist communities in developing increased capacity to establish and maintain effective youth development programs based on mentorship and positive character development.”

"I believe that IYDE is really doing the kind of work that will address many things, including situations where suicide could have been prevented,” she said.

Even though Martinez technically led to the discovery of Dulle’s body, the reward money is not guaranteed.

Crime Stoppers Executive Director Gene Ferrara said the organization's board will decide what to do at its next meeting on June 13.

"We will rely on the Cincinnati Police Department to tell us whether or not this tip – this call – led directly to the discovery of the body," Ferrara said.

UC’s president contributed an additional $10,000 to the Dulle reward, and restaurateur Ruby added $7,500.

But Ferrara said Crime Stoppers is not going to give Martinez that money.

"We will share with (Ono and Ruby) what our process came up with, what decision we made and what we based it on – and then they have to make a decision on what they want to do with their reward," she said.

On Sunday, June 1 on Twitter, Ruby said he planned to give his portion of the reward money to Tim Dulle, Brogan's younger brother who just graduated from Turpin High School.

Tim Dulle plans to attend the University of Cincinnati in the fall, according to Ruby's tweet. Ruby stated his $7,500 will go to help pay for Tim's education.

Ruby's decision means IYDE Executive Director Riyad Shamma could only receive about $12,500 to use on his program.

Shamma said he would spend it to help prevent future suicides in the youth community.

"When you're right there in that moment, there's always that mentor that's willing to say, ‘Hey, there's somebody here for you.’”

More than 100 people attended Dulle’s visitation Friday at Gilligan Funeral Homes.

His funeral occurred 10 a.m. Saturday at St Francis de Sales Parish on Madison Road.

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