Winter weather makes a mess of roads and commutes on Tri-State roadways

CINCINNATI -- Winter weather brought snow and ice to major Tri-State roadways Friday evening, making for a messy commute into the night.

Deputies saw "accidents everywhere" as drivers lost control. Among those was a family of four who got stuck during their travel, and needed help to be pushed out.

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A truck driver saw a crash happen along I-71, near I-275.

"The Jeep lost control and went sideways, and when it did, the car overreacted and went under the rear of the tractor trailer, and that smacked him right into the side of the wall," he said.

A young driver involved was taken to the hospital.

"I believe that the young ladies driving the Jeep didn't know how to react to the snow and the ice," the truck driver said. "They were young girls, teenage girls."

Just minutes down the street, another crash put a damper on plans for the evening. William Johnson was on the way to Kenwood Mall with his family, when his vehicle spun out near the Montgomery Road exit.

"Soon as I got passed the sign, I lost control and ended up in a ditch," Johnson said. "I knew I should have gotten off on the other exit instead of this one."

The truck driver passed along some advice for driving during wintry conditions.

"Stay off the road," he said.

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