Why wait for Random Act of Kindness Day?

CINCINNATI -- It can happen at a restaurant, it can happen at a gas station, it can happen in your neighborhood or way across town.

Monday, Feb. 17 was declared Random Act of Kindness Everywhere Day (R.A.K.E.) in cities across the map, including Cleveland, Ohio , where people are encouraged to do something nice for someone else, even a stranger ... but to also keep those acts going.

R.A.K.E. encourages people to help each other, just because they can. Helping a stranger pay for a meal, fill their gas tank or mow their yard can spread random acts of kindness all over, pumping momentum into doing good.

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But why practice random kindness on one day only? Kindness can be spread everyday, according to some workers at Smiling Moose Deli in Clifton. Arianna Bloom helps manage the restaurant, and has seen some kindness when she least expected it.

"There's this homeless vet that hangs out down the street all the time," she said. "He never begs for change, and sometimes when it will snow he'll get a shovel and be shoveling the sidewalk."

Sharing is another great way to help a neighbor. Marcos also helps run Smiling Moose, and found some kindness right across the street.

"I went across the street to Chicago Gyros," Marcos said. "And talked to the manager and was like 'hey, listen man I ran out of cucumbers, can you lend me some cucumbers.' He just went back into the kitchen grabbed it for me."

Bloom said, "I think it should be everyday and do random acts of kindness everyday."

Others around Clifton agreed. They said random acts of kindness would bring about a bigger change if they're done more often. Kindness, they felt, should be automatic, rather than something done on a given day because people are told to do so.

When more kind acts are done, more special days lie ahead.

WCPO reporter Tony Mirones contributed to this report.



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