Who Knew? When enjoying a cold one at a Sunday game wasn't cool, the Reds stood their ground

CINCINNATI - The Tri-State is home to many fascinating facts, offbeat oddities, and "I did not know that," moments. With that in mind, WCPO asks "Who Knew?"

WHAT IS IT? Cincinnati's love of beer & baseball
  WHERE CAN I SEE IT? Great American Ball Park
  WHO KNEW? Bill Frank, Cincinnati Heritage Programs

Cincinnati has a reputation for being passionate about two things: Reds baseball and drinking great beer. Few know of how deeply rooted these traditions are, stemming back from the early days of the team and to a time when alcohol was not as widely accepted. Both were and continue to be enjoyed by fans throughout the summer.

We asked Bill Frank of Cincinnati Heritage Programs to tell us more.

How much beer did Cincinnatians consume in the 1880s?

At the time, the average Cincinnatian would consume 50 gallons of beer annually.

WCPO Insiders can read the full Q&A, and learn how beer put the Reds in hot water with other team owners.

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