Who Knew? The battle for supremacy on the streets steered Cincinnati to strict new jaywalking laws

CINCINNATI - All too often, we hear of tragedies involving pedestrians being struck by cars while crossing the street--a problem dating back to the invention of the automobile.

Cincinnati played a significant role in developing stricter laws to protect people walking through the right-of-way and helped define the term “jaywalking.”

We asked Dave Bossart of Cincinnati Heritage Programs to tell us more about how this came about.

How did cars impact the way people viewed streets?

One hundred years ago, streets were used not just by cars, but also by pedestrians, livestock, wagons, horses, bicycles and rail transportation.

The automobile was viewed as an intruder on an already-congested pathway and caused resentment.

WCPO Insiders can read the full Q&A to learn how the law made a 180-degree turn and who was behind the change. 

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