Who Knew? If you're on the fence about getting on board, the 'bendy bus' might be just the ticket

CINCINNATI - Dump the Pump Day is June 19, but Cincinnati Metro is not waiting to thank current users of public transit and try to convince others to get on board. It has activities planned throughout the month.

The so-called "bendy bus" might be just the ticket to win over new converts.

  • WHAT IS IT? Articulated METRO Buses
  • WHERE CAN I SEE THEM Government Square, Cincinnati
  • WHO KNEW? Dave Etienne, Metro

Known on the streets as “the bendy bus,” Cincinnati’s most eye-catching mode of transportation is also a favorite of Metro passengers. With the best places to sit located inside the pivoting joint, how does one find an accordion-style bus with one of these coveted seats? 

Q&A with Dave Dave Etienne, Director of Marketing & Communications for Metro

1. How does Metro assign routes for the articulated buses?

Articulated buses are assigned based on ridership. The articulated buses are assigned to routes/trips with high ridership. Only routes which operate from the Bond Hill division are eligible for articulated buses.

2. Which routes most commonly use articulated buses?

Currently, three routes are designated as articulated-ready:  Rt. 3X, Rt. 43 and Rt. 78. MORE ON ROUTES

3. Why is it called an articulated bus and not “reticulated?”

Articulated comes from the Latin articulus, meaning "small joint." Reticulated refers more to a pattern than a joint (e.g. reticulated python, the pattern of a giraffe's coat).

Many types of vehicles are articulated, including trucks, military vehicles, even rail vehicles. Technically, any vehicle pulling a trailer is articulated, or having a pivoting joint which comes into play when cornering, tracking, turning, etc.

4. Are articulated buses only used during rush hour, or can one be seen throughout the day on a high ridership route?

Rt. 78 uses these buses throughout the day for particularly high ridership trips.

5. What are the benefits of an articulated bus?

An articulated bus carries almost twice the number of passengers with only one operator and only slightly more fuel use.

More about "bendy buses"

  • First articulated buses introduced in Cincinnati, 2010
  • The earliest examples of articulated buses go back as far as the 1920s, but the first routine bus service using articulated buses was not until 1960 in Budapest, Hungary. (Source: Bus Stuff
  • In the mid-1960s, AC Transit in California  pioneered the use of a modern articulated bus in the U.S., operating the experimental commuter coach "XMC 77" 

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