Who Knew? Anyone can join Mercantile Library for peace & quiet, not to mention intellectual pursuits

CINCINNATI - The Tri-State is home to many fascinating facts, offbeat oddities, and "I did not know that," moments. With that in mind, WCPO asks "Who Knew?"

High atop a nondescript downtown office building, The Mercantile Library has been gathering place for Cincinnati intellectuals for more than 175 years. 

You, too, can hang out at what many call "The Literary Center" of Cincinnati. Ralph Waldo Emerson, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and John Updike did.

Q&A with Chris Messick, Marketing Manager

1.When and why was The Mercantile Library founded?

The Mercantile was founded in 1835 by a group of young merchants and clerks, who pooled their books and their resources for their own intellectual benefit.

2. What makes The Mercantile Library a hidden gem in Cincinnati?

Well, the hidden part is easy. We’re tucked away on the 11th floor and we don’t have much in the way of street presence. Luckily, the gem part is easy too. We have one of the most beautiful public spaces in the city, which members can use to work, relax, eat lunch, read, or flip through a magazine.

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