West Chester woman finds military projectiles in front yard

WEST CHESTER, Ohio –– A Butler County woman received quite a scare taking out her mail Tuesday morning when she found military projectiles outside her mailbox.

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office issued a simple warning to the public after she transported the devices to her nearest fire station.

"Fortunately in this case everything worked out fine but it's safer to call and have someone respond from an agency and take control," said Sgt. Monte Mayer.

The woman who lives on Sweetwater Branch Road transported the devices to the Princeton Glendale Road fire station in Liberty Township sometime between 10:30 and 11 a.m.

The Butler County Bomb Squad was called to the fire station. After inspection of the projectiles, the squad assured everyone they were safe and disposed of devices properly.

West Chester police also went to the Sweetwater Branch Road home to make sure no other projects were in the neighborhood.

“It’s always better to call a professional,” Mayer said.

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