VIDEO: Tornado rips through Cedarville home

CEDARVILLE, Ohio -- Seven people took the necessary severe weather precautions to survive a tornado that ripped through a house near Xenia, Ohio Wednesday night.

The Dobbins family and a few friends took shelter in their Cedarville basement, which was built in the 1880s. Their home of 72 years is now a memory.

PHOTOS: Tornado touches down in Cedarville, levels homes

"It is completely gone, the garage is gone, everything is gone," Roger Dobbins said.

Just up the street, Roger Dobbins' daughter's home was also destroyed. Sherry Dobbins, Roger's daughter, told her friends to go to her father's home.

Cedarville tornado

"She came down because she heard the tornado warnings and then a friend of hers with three children was coming back from Xenia and they were coming to her house," Roger Dobbins said. "I looked out across the field and I could see the funnel coming and stuff in the air and I said, 'it's time to go down there.'"

"We watched it get skinny and then it came down to the ground and then went back up, and then we saw it hit," Sherry Dobbins said. "It just kept getting wider and wider and I said 'I think I'm done,' dad said 'let's go to the cellar.'"

Skywarn weather spotters confirmed the tornado, which touched down near Weimer and Barber roads in Cedarville at about 6:12 p.m., WHIO reports.

Cory Atley, a Cedarville resident, said a house and barn nearby were leveled. Atley estimated the path of destruction was about 400 yards wide.

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Dennis Mick, of North Stringtown Road in Xenia, said he and his family ran to the basement of their home when the tornado came through. He said it was over in seconds.

Before the twister touched down, residents and weather watchers were reporting marble sized hail near Centerville and throughout the Tri-State.

A Tornado Warning was issued for Centerville, as well as Adams and Warren counties. Storm damage was also reported in Adams County.

Despite the scare, the Dobbins family is thankful no one was harmed.

"Be smart," Sherry Dobbins said. "When they say it's a tornado warning take notice and do what you're supposed to do."

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See video of the tornado

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