WATCH: Local teachers talk Common Core standards

CINCINNATI -- A new set of English and math standards implemented in 44 states' schools has caused an uproar for many teachers and parents across the country and Ohio hasn't been excluded from the upheaval.

Currently, a Republican proposal to repeal Common Core learning standards in Ohio is up for debate.

The bill's sponsors say they've heard widespread discontent from parents, teachers and communities on the standards.

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Reps. Matt Huffman of Lima and Andy Thompson of Marietta have said Ohio made a mistake four years ago in pursuing the standards and their legislation would seize back state control over the process.

Districts are working to implement the standards, which have the backing of a diverse coalition including teachers' unions and community and business groups.

The Ohio Federation of Teachers has said repeal would create chaos for school districts.

While lawmakers in Columbus debate whether Common Core standards should be used for testing in Ohio, local teachers are speaking out.

"I always tell my students that I know this is a challenge and I try to motivate them and tell them they're going to do just fine, let them know that I’m doing my best to expose them to as many of the question types as I can,” said Melissa Claus, Bridgetown Middle School teacher.

Watch the video player above to hear other local schoolteachers' opinions on Common Core standards.

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